Buy the Game and Dev kit

Hi i wanted to ask if yo need to buy the game to be able to run the mods that you are going to make using the dev kits or what?

if i get the dev kits and make some mods out of it can i play the game with it? i mean do i need to buy the game on steam or not etc.

any other info would really be appreciated

Steam will check your account when you attempt to upload a mod if you have a licence/access to the game. If you do not, the upload will fail.

As the steam workshop handles mods for ARK, it is required to own the game.

Making mods for ARK does not require the purchase of the game, but there will be no real way for you to do anything with the mod.

Also there’s no real reason to not buy the game, it’s $30 USD so it won’t exactly break the bank, and it’s a AAA-grade game to a certain extent for almost half the price usually.


Thanks for that! it really helped me be informed about it more