[Buy]I want new inventory.. maybe with blur

I have this inventory:

and i want to transform in this inventory:

I need inventory for shotings games… any tips guys please?
If someone make this inventory for me… and works perfect upload in marketplace and i wil buy it. (notice me… )
Thanks guys…

PS: im new here in this unrealengine word.

OR: any tips for do this guys? like blur inventory / character inventory ( in inventory is a man and when i switch something like a weapon … switch automatic in man in character)

Just learn some UMG, make ui parts as png images with alpha layer in Photoshop or Gimp and put them together im UMG. I think there is some kind of drag and drop functionality for ui elements already build in engine if you need such function. The rest is UMG practice somewhere on youtube was tutorial on how to render 3d character in 2d ui for character preview. The actual blueprint scripting that dynamically manages all information in your inventory widget , can get complex but that depends on your project.

hello sir… and thanks for reply here… i use this inventory system:

if you see i have all functions what i needed… but what i post here is about design…
can you make this for me? if you can and i pay for this…