Buttons only clickable when Shift + F1

Hello people, this is my first post here, i don’t even know if this is where i should be posting this kinds of questions.

So, i’ve been coding with blueprints on the UE 4.13.2, i had a lot of menu widgets with buttons that could be clicked, at first they could be clicked when right away after opening the menu. But when i’ve updated the engine to UE 4.14, i can’t click those buttons anymore, when i hover the mouse over them, they don’t even do that mouseover thingymajig, unless i show cursor (shift + F1), then the buttons get interactable again (until i click out of the widget). Is that a focusing problem? I’ve been searching for days about this with no answer so i’ve come looking for help. How do I make those buttons interactable without the need to shift + F1?

This is how i bring the menus up:

PS: I have show cursor ticked on my Player Controller blueprint class

Have a look here: 4.14 Update: No Button reaction to Mouse - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums