Buttons Not Visually Aligning With There Hit Boxes

Hi there, I was wondering if there was an easy way to fix this, it seems that on occasion when creating a 3D widget the buttons do not align with where they are visually represented. Most times I will have to click above the button to be clicking on it. Does anyone know why this might be occurring :slight_smile:

Just figured out that the button itself is where it should be in the widget, the spline just gets drawn slightly above where you are actually pointing I used the code below, does anyone know why it is doing this?

Sorry here is a link to the picture, it downsized it substantially

I found the solution, wanted to leave it here just in case anyone else was having a similar issue, basically you just need to adjust the end position of the spline in local space based of the orientation and offset of the spline component :slight_smile: Dropbox - image (3).png - Simplify your life