Buttons following shirt but with Offset

Hey Guys,

I am new to Unreal and to this forum also.
We are facing below mentioned problem in Unreal

I rigged and animated shirt buttons with follicles and joints in Maya.
Follicles are driving the joints and button meshes are skinned to joints.
Once animation is done and baked these button joints, We removed the rig logic including follicles and their constraints to joints, before exporting FBX.

I have exported FBX and checked these buttons again by importing back same FBX into Maya. Everything just working fine just like earlier within Maya
(i.e, Buttons are following shirt without any offset)
Now, if I import the same FBX in Unreal, buttons are following shirt but with slight offset and rotation…

I take care of these things like : Max 8 influences per vertex etc
Tried lot of export and import options to fix this offset issue in Unreal, but None of these given result.
Your help in this regard is much helpful.
Thanks in advance.

Subbu Addanki