Buttons are not interactable

why can’t i interact with the buttons in my widget? I’ve done this in my previous projects and it was fine but this time it doesn’t seem to work…
this is how i create:

also, i’m encountering one more problem, when i pause the game i can’t un pause the game via the same key event even tho i ticked the Executable when paused.

Interact in what way? Mouse? Check the hierarchy chain of all elements nesting the buttons - perhaps one of them is set to HTI All Children.

You’re setting the UI Only mode - meaning the controller will no longer process input - so the key you used to open the menu can no longer be detected. Now the widgets are in charge of the input; and to close the menu with the same button, you’d need to ask the widget to do it:

Ensure the widget has keyboard focus and is focusable.

More info here:

the buttons are inside a vertical box but even when i put a basic button outside of the box it doesn’t work.

well if any widget are not interactable, then it might be an issue with the player controller or the mouse interact is disable or a transparent widget is overlaying everything.

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Examine every element in the hierarchy (or post the hierarchy). Perhaps there’s something else on top we’re not seeing - an invisible widget consuming input. You could run the widget reflector:

It’s a Slate / UMG debugging tool.

oh guys i had another widget on top of everything, but bcz the opacity on that widget was zero i couldn’t see it haha. this widget reflector is really useful.

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@ Arodi007 called it!