Buttons and Canvas HUD

Im in my final steps to release new GOTA Gladiators of the arena build but, flash let me down I cant do something, and I feel that I really nee HUD and flash is not a solution anymore… : P

Please somebody give me:

Best tips for canvas
Best tut for canvas

It is a cool new jounrey I can even learn from…

I dont want our best single player, Of group best game to die ! Like I know i can Use canvas 100% and I cant wait for the first button to happen : D.

Ok so it is good in the HUD progressing so far, still link me those tuts bting me those tips : D

Also how to I convert string to number? I cannot do int(MyWIndowsString) if you know what I mean…

I know after 10 years ima use canvas… : P I will use both I guess…