Button Won't Detect Mouse

My problem is this: I have a working inventory system that properly displays the items and the OnClicked event for each slot works. When it’s clicked, I want an action menu to appear that has buttons such as Use, Split Stack, Drop and Cancel. Currently, when a slot is clicked it displays the menu and updates it, so if the item cannot be used it doesn’t have the use button and so on. But whenever I try and click these buttons it doesn’t detect it. I’ve set the disabled colour to bright red and the buttons aren’t disabled. They don’t change appearance on hover either; I don’t understand what the problem is, and I can’t find a solution.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Can you post some images of the blueprint? Especially where you’re constructing the new menu.

If the drop down menu is a seperate widget which is created and added to viewport - then the player does not have focus on it. Try adding the drop down menu as a child widget of your inventory widget and unhiding it when the user clicks.

EDIT: you would also have to change the render translation on unhide so that it matches the position of the mouse

My Action Menu is already a child of the inventory widget, it is inside the widget and set to hidden inside the widget options. On Slot Clicked it makes the action menu appear and set the translation to the slot translation. It also update the ‘Use’ text and sets it to the item in the slot’s use text (Apply Bandage, Drink, Equip, etc). This widget it is inside is focuses and works fine with the inventory widget itself. I have tried foccusing the action and it doesn’t help.

I will post screenshots when I get a chance. Thanks.

Here are the screenshots of my blueprints: ​​​​​​

This is what happens when a slot is clicked: ​​​​​


This is the OnSlotClicked Event that is called when the slot is clicked. It updates the slot widget and sets the visibility of the action menu to show it. It also sets the focus of the player to the action menu:


This is my widget setup: