Button Trigger not working

Hi guys,
I’m attempting to make a system where a level sequence will play once two buttons have been pressed within 3 seconds of eachother. Within my level blueprint I have created the triggers for each individual button, and a print string shows that they activate correctly when in game, however for some reason they do not activate the level sequence for the platforms that I wish them to. I’ve tried setting a variable to true on each, and using an AND boolean with a branch for when both are set to true, however it will not work. Any ideas on how to fix this?

OnActorBeginOverlap is not being called constantly, only the moment an object overlaps with it. So this means you would have to make both buttons active and *then *overlap with TestBox.

Also, with your current code, anything that is in the same collision channel as your TestBox would trigger that event. Your code could be simplified down to the following: