Button stays highlighted after being clicked


Is there any way to highlight UMG button after being clicked until clicked on another button??


Did you ever figure it out in the meantime?? It’s actually pretty simple to do :slight_smile: Just pull out a variable of your button, Set Background Color, and make a boolean “ButtonClicked” wich you set everytime you toggle the button. If true, go set your bg color to the color you’d want as highlight. And then another one to reset the color once you clicked the button again.
You also might want to ad some checks and to the same inside a tick event, to check if you clicked another button, and change the previously selected button back to it’s default color.
I hope i’m clear, if you want i can make you a demo.

I met the same issue in editor, it seems editor have list focus of mouse in that case, haven’t test it in standalone game yet. I will update more after more test.

If you could post a demo, I would be grateful.

I managed it to look like this, I will try to simplify it now.