Button Press sometimes doesnt press (really strange issue)

I have a simple button. It mostly works but sometime it completely doesnt register that I pressed it. It wont even highlight. If I hold the button down it wont do anything but if I keep holding the button down and then move the mouse then it acts as its just been pressed. What is going on?!

Can you show some screenshots of the widget and the button?

The button is the whole left side of the screen.

Can you show me the actual widget blueprint with the button’s details?

its the bug1.jpeg under the image. Is that what you need?

Not exactly, switch to the designer tab, then click that button in the hierarchy, then take a screenshot.

Hmm i’d say try snapping the button to the edge of the screen using the Anchors property (first property in the Details panel), that is not really the way to make buttons fill the screen. Maybe it’ll work after you do that.

didnt work. I feel like its the code that the button is calling in my character blueprint is messing it up but why would separate blueprint stop me from pressing a button, the button should press regardless of what its calling. The pressed colour is green when i press it but some times it doesnt change colour because it doesnt recognise me pressing it, until i repress it or move my mouse. its mind boggling.

It might be because of your device (i assume you’re using a touch device), although just to make sure, try placing PrintString nodes just after the OnCliked event is called, or place a breakpoint in that cast to the MainCharacter.

i put a print string before the casting. it doesnt print because the button doesnt actually press even though I pressed it. the problem only occurs mainly when my character lands on the ground and then I click the button. it works most of the time but sometimes just doesnt. But again why would code in a separate blueprint stop me pressing the button?