Button Press Signals Custom Event in other Blueprint

I have a door that i plan to have follow a timeline. The door is only supposed to slide back and then go to the right. However, when i made a button to let the player activate the door, I can’t seem to get the casting correct. Here is what I have so far:

SlidingDoor2 is the name of the blueprint and SlideDoor is the name of the custom event. I get the compile error, but i’m not sure what object to use to satisfy the error or where to get it. Also, am i calling the custom even correctly?

You need to provide a reference to the actual door object you are interacting with in the persistent world as the object being cast to your door blueprint.

I tried dragging off of the object pin and typing the name of the blueprint but this is all that shows up:

none of these seem correct. Another cast won’t work because that cast will also ask for an object

yes, the object pin is where you need to plug the door object into. but you need to find a reference to that door first to pass to this blueprint where you are pressing ‘e’ to open a door. in this in player controller?

This is not in player controller. I am enabling and disabling input, but everything is contained in an actor blueprint. This is my button in all of it’s blueprint coding:

and if it helps, this is the blueprint for the door that is sliding:

it really depends on how you’re interacting with that door to determine how to pass that door object into your actor class handling the trigger. if your box is overlapping the door in the case you’ve provided, then create a variable of type actor in your overlap test actor. on overlap, set the variable to ‘other actor’ coming from the overlap event. then get the variable and connect it to the cast you have when you press ‘e’. you probably don’t need to enable and disable input either as it doesn’t really have an impact on this scenario other than further complicating it.

here’s a link to a blueprint communication overview as well if you’re interested:
Blueprint Communication