Button onlick event that shows text

I’m learning to use Unreal and need a little help.

I’m wanting to use a Button that will display information about the game, once the button is clicked the information will appear. What is the best solution to use for this?

Create a wiget blueprint and add a button with text " show game info" then create a border with a size box inside with text inside of that. Create a ESlateVisibility Variable “GameDescriptionVisibility” in the graph and set the default to collapsed or hidden. Click the button and go to the bottom right and click on + beside “on Clicked” to add an on clicked event. Drag off of the on clicked event and set game description visibility to visible. Go back to designer tab and click on the border and find the visibility option and select the game description visibility variable. Go to your character blueprint and on the EventBeginPlay drag off of it and “CreateWidget” then select the widget you want to create, then drag off of the return and “AddToViewport”. When you start the game the widget will appear and the button. Click the button and the border with the text will appear. If you add a Flip Flop after the OnClicked event and set the visibility to Collapsed or Hidden you can click the button to show the info and then click again to hide the info. If you need a better explaination the let me know… This is the basics…