Button not working

Hi everyone,

I’m currently facing a problem, I can use button in my widget.
I do use the setUIgameMode node, I set “showMouseCursor” and “enable click Event” to true in PlayerController, but it doesn’t work.
The button is enabled and focussable.
Here is the window :

here are the nodes

I have set everything correctly in the project settings.
The window is displayed, I can see the cursor, but I can’t click on the button.
Does anyone have an idea?

It might just be that your text block is too big, and it’s covering the button.

I can click my button with this:

But not with this:

Thanks for your answer.
I actually tried to put a simple button on the main canvas, and it doesn’t work.
But I just found the problem.
My main canvas was actually in “Not hit-testable self and all children” and this behaviour was not overidden in children.
Thank you verry much :smiley: