Button Hold Down Issue

Hello everyone,

I have been experimenting with Unreal lately. Here is my scenario:

If you press and hold the right mouse button my character will aim his gun. When you release the button he will stop aiming.

If I push “I” the inventory menu loads, and the game pauses.
If I push “I” again the menu closes and the game resumes.

HOWEVER - If I am in the menu, and I hold down the right mouse button, and press I, then the menu disappears and the character remains in idle, when I release the right mouse button he aims… so it’s the opposite of what it is supposed to do.

This also happens when I start the game, if I hold down the mouse button it’s like the game thinks that is the default state… I guess?

Any help would be great.


I figured it out. I was activating aim by using a Toggle switch back and forth, when I switched to variables to turn aiming on and off it worked properly.