Button Frenzy

Hey all! I have a new solo project to show called Button Frenzy. It was originally made as a game jam entry, but I had so much fun with it that I decided to keep working on it. The footage you see in the .gif and trailer below is from the jam build of the game, which took me 2 weeks to build. The reception was pretty good and I’m pleased with how well it turned out!

It’s a score attack game that challenges players’ memory and their mastery of the classic Xbox 360 controller; with a similar difficulty and pace to something like Super Hexagon. A friend of mine made me laugh when he described it as “A hardcore version of Simon Says, but with screenshake and drum n bass music”. It’s a difficult game, but difficult in the way that allows the player to notice their own skills improving every time they play, and wanting to keep pressing retry so that they can beat the high score. You can play a prototype build of it now; there’s a link to it on the Greenlight page below. I’m currently working on making a full version of the game, which will have much more content and polish; and the aim is to release on Steam at some point in Q2 2016.

If you like the look of the game; I’d be really grateful for a Greenlight vote!
Browser link to Greenlight page