Button for Turning TV ON/OFF

Hello everyone,

I am an architect and I am struggling to find a solution to this problem. Basically, I have a TV on which I want to turn it on and off as I please.
But I don’t want it to be by pressing the keyboard, but instead a button to pop up and click with the mouse.

I have created the button widget, it appears on my screen, but I am now stuck, because I cannot connect the function of the button when is clicked to the actual blueprint from my level blueprint, which opens the tv, the audio, resets it etc.

Any help would be very much appreciated. It would be amazing if one of you can guide me through **Teams **or something, because I am a rookie just trying to implement some functions on a design for my company and I am afraid I would not fully understand the explanations.

Thank you !

*" I have attached the blueprint I did on my own, which works with the button 1 pressed "


Hi man,

I suggest you to create a blueprint for your TV,
inside this you make the custom event , set On, Off.
Where you change his materials toggle light and so on.
This will give you an actor, that is really much simpler to reach and talk.

In your widget you can use a lot of ways to search for the TV,
i have made 3 example where:
1 i search for all “staticmeshactor” and search for the one called StonePillar2 .
And now i can set the material or move him.
2 if you want to place more than one TV, you can set Actor Tags, so one is Bed_TV, another is Kitchen_TV.
And you just search for the actor in the level with that specific tag, and then you can call her customevent, or set variables or move them…
3 Sure you can search for all actor of class TV, now that you have one.
Unreal will give you an array, a list of all tv foound in the level.
Then you have to make some check to speak to one in particular, here i just say , get the 0, so the first he found and as you can see,
i can call the CustomEvent Seton.