Button Clicked UMG and Level Blueprint

I have the inventory that is working through UMG. In the inventory, I have the button clicked event called DROP, so when I select the item in inventory and click on DROP, it’s is dropped. However, I want to have communication with level blueprint, so, for the instance, when I drop the specific item from the inventory matinee is played.

You must save your widget reference in level blueprint. Then need to add public variable to your widget, id of item . default value is 0. After clicking drop button set this variable something, like 2(id of your dropping item). From level blueprint on event tick you are checking if widgets variable is greater then 0 and if it is you are setting to 0 and playing matinee. If you can’t get how to do ask and i will give you an example with picture

Thank you for answer. Picture will for sure help out, I will give it a go, but if you can place the picture it will be easier for sure. Thank you again.