Button click not working.

I am just starting out in unreal and whenever i click on the use button it doesn’t work at all. I print some text just to see some output from the click. This is my hierarchy.


This is the umg overall


Basically i click on the bottom layer button for it to display the Vertical box with the rest of the buttons inside. But when i click on the Use1 button nothing happens.

Make sure the containers housing buttons are set to Self Hit Test Invisible. Also, make sure that the text boxes are set to Hit Test Invisible. The buttons themselves should be set to Visible.

edit: taking a closer look at your hierarchy, I think I see the issue. You’ve used a button as a container - Inventory 1 - clicking a button does not tunnel through to the items below in the hierarchy as default. You’ve got options here:

  • do not use a button as a container, use a Self Hit Test Invisible border
  • set the button to Self Hit Test Invisible - defeats using a button in the first place
  • there are other option but they’re too complex for something straightforward like this