Business system -> engram depends other engrams

Hello everydoby,

I would create a trade system on ARK.
Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make a simple and independent system of administrative intervention.

My goal is that the player can select among 6 engrams to make the fabricator per example ( Armorer, tailor, etc …) but when it selects one of them , the others can’t be learned. Indeed , I hope that every player have one job.

If you have any leads , let me know! What if my English is not good and you understand, anything, please tell me :wink:

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What type of leads are you looking for? How much have you done with your project so far. Are you still in the design phase or are you in the development phase. Posting more about the current status of your project and what you need help with in particular will help a lot! Be as specific as you can when you are asking for help and it should help out with responses.


Thanks for your advices.
I’m reflection phase currently. In fact, I first want to determine whether the project is possible.

I therefore wish to create a mod that will allow players to decide what job they want to do.
Each business will provide access to specific engrams.

For example, the gunsmith will craft both the metal armor , the armor of Chityne.
The manufacturer of weapon can design all firearms.
The Artificer , grenades …

The aim is to offer players X engrams ( tools needed to craft ) and when any of the one of them learned , others can not be learned.

Instead of having a system that engrams to need another , the reverse is true. If the other engram is learned, it can no longer .

Hoping to have been clearer .

Best Regars.

I hope you can make this. I have the same idea but don’t know how to make it. However, some mods that are similar may help you:

Shopping Mod (items can be purchased from a crafting table)

Evorim Project (restrict engrams to a player’s class)

Thanks Duke54.
I’ll have a look at that!

Sounds like you would want to do a total conversion mod, and you would probably want to remap the engrams to your own custom engrams.

There is no way currently without making your own graph system to have an engram branch, where a player can choose to learn only one tier of crafting.

A short cut method, would be to create a new engram system. In this new engram system to learn how to make cloth pants you need to learn Beginner Armorsmith (150 engram points) And you would make them need to learn all the armor pieces of cloth to learn the new Trainee Armorsmith (225 engram points) This tier will let them learn all of the leather tier. And you would continue to do this, for all tiers, making it overall cost 2000 engrams to learn all the armor.

While this system can be circumvented by most cheaty servers, that allow players to have 50,000 engrams. There are some servers out there that play with relatively normal settings, you won’t find too many though =p.

Alternatively you would need to actually disable engrams and engram points, and create your own graph node system. That would store in ini files or the stramid profile file in the arksave folder, data about what tier they purchased, and disable other tiers. You would basically be reinventing the wheel, but you don’t have access to the wheel to prevent a player learning everything otherwise. It would be good if the engram class had an additional field “engram requires not to learn sets” but we don’t have access to modify the core blueprints with the ADK