Business Partner(s) Wanted

I apologize if this is the wrong section. I am looking for someone with an interest in starting a corporation. I would like someone who knows some things about businesses and maybe even have started one or two. You should at least understand what a business system is and how important they are to a business. Cash flow should be a term you are familiar with.

I want to start a video game company. Make a small vertical slice of a game (prototype). Go after funding by equity crowd sourcing (NOT reward crowd sourcing such as Kickstarter). I am going after enough money to support the project full time for the partners and to hire contractors. In the realm of $500,000 USD. I just don’t have enough time to work on it part time. Plus it is what I love. Since learning agile for programming I have decided to use agile to reach my goals. In simple terms it is breaking down large tasks into manageable chunks and setting a deadline. I am expecting to go after funding in about six months time.

As for the project I am open to just about anything that I believe will make money. I only ask for a polished product. I am working on an arena style mulitplayer FPS (porting over from Unity).

About me: I have ran 6 business. Most of them failed. Most failed do to lack of marketing. One failed do to lack of being bonded. I understand what it takes to run a business. I have helped several successful business owners with running their businesses (family businesses). I am a programmer by day and by night. I love to program. I also do level design. I live in PA, USA.

I have more details on business systems, business models and cash flow projections. If you are serious I will share them with you. Send me an email ‘games at walshtechnologies dot com’ Sorry for the fragmented email address, cutting down on spam.

Hi @Kobaltic,

I’m going the other direction. I formed a Game Development Entity (Game Dev Studio) before forming a Business Entity (LLC). We’re developing Minimal Viable ‘Prototypes’ firstly to R&D proof-of-concept and test our monetization models used to generate revenue. You don’t need $1000’s of dollars to develop a prototype as UE4 is Free and Epic has released Millions of dollars in Free content.

I founded the Game Studio with 0 budget and operate with 0 budget. Yes, It does require more hustle in recruitment efforts, but, its well worth it. We’re on schedule to a have a prototype developed to test our monetization models within a 1 years time.

I’m not a big fan of giving away equity at the prototype stage, when the cost of prototype development can be near 0. I prefer to retain 100% ownership and generate revenue with the Prototype to self-finance further development via Early Access and Asset Pack Sales via Game Dev Marketplace. If its your first game product, the route described above is too high stress.

I do enjoy the discussions about the Business of Game Design in *How *Game Products/Services generate Cash-flow. Game design is definitely a part of that discussion. Variable Reward Schedules should be a phrase you are familiar with. LOL.