Business or Corporate usage of Unreal Engine presentations for advertising

Hello, I’ve been learning the Unreal Engine via online tutorials. I’d like to discuss using Unreal to create presentations for customers with my company. I’m sure I will need to know how much my company will need to pay Epic Games. I see there is a 5% royalty. How does this apply if I were to create a presentation in Unreal? Would Epic require 5% of everything we sold to the client based on using the Unreal Engine as part of the presentation? I wouldn’t be selling the application but rather using content created in unreal to advertise. I just need to understand how much this will cost before I pitch to my boss.

If you are making non-interactive media (images/videos) then you won’t owe any royalties for images or videos that you produce using Unreal Engine.

What about a presentation a client can sit in and listen to a presentation in VR? So if I imported a model of a product in 3d I developed? This wouldn’t be a video but rather a VR environment experiencing a virtual presentation?

I think you’d have to contact Epic on that one, it’s a more difficult case since you’re not selling what you made with UE4 directly but you are using it to make money.

That’s the entire point of Unreal Studio subscription. You’d pay like 20 (or more) dollars monthly per user. No royalty costs because it’s impossible to say what is the Unreal-generated “income” here.
Unreal Studio is free for charge for a limited time (beta phase), so non-gaming industries couldn’t resist from using Unreal.

Just check what’s displayed at the Unreal Studio overview page: “100% royalty-free license”

Unreal Studio is an addon for Unreal Engine, it’s not a separate version of the engine, licensing terms for Unreal Engine still apply.

Okay it sounds like I should just pay for the unreal studio subscription and then ask support for the cost of what I would like to do. I just don’t want to violate rules

Unless you need the features of Unreal Studio then don’t waste your time, just contact epic licensing about your case and see what they say

Actually, there’s a different license, different EULA. It’s not just a paid plugin.
It couldn’t be “100% royalty-free license” on a regular UE4 license which obligates to pay 5% of the store price.

The source code isn’t separate, they don’t make development more difficult, that’s right :slight_smile:

Thanks Dr Ergot I think you answered my question