bUseVSync/GameUserSettings.INI-Can I change it via blueprints or C++ only?


I am trying to manipulate the GameUserSettings.ini file via blueprint. Using blueprints, I am able to use a console command to manipulate ResolutionSizeX and Y, and FullscreenMode.

Is there a console command to change the bools TRUE/FALSE setting, i.e. “bUseVSync” or “bUseDesktopResolutionForFullscreen”?

I’m far from being a programmer but if I have to, how could I expose these variable to blueprints so I can change them using Visual Studio if there isn’t a console command available.

I tried r.VSync but I don’t believe it updates the “bUseVSync” line in the ini files. I would like to expose these variables so I can give the player the ability to change these options.













Thank you for your help.

As soon as I get this working I will be making a tutorial on how to incorporate a settings option using UMG.

You can do that from C++, ini section name hint you which class to search for:

And you can access instance of that class via GEngine->GameUserSettings

This class is not exposed to blueprint so you can communicate with it from itdirecly, but i think you could call console commands via blueprint to do some graphical settings, but C++ would be the smoothest solution, atleast you could expose those settings to blueprint with your own functions which you could use in UMG.

Thanks , now to make my own functions. Lets see how that goes. :slight_smile: