bUseVSync/GameUserSettings.INI-Can I change it via blueprints or C++ only?


I am trying to manipulate the GameUserSettings.ini file via blueprint. Using blueprints, I am able to use a console command to manipulate ResolutionSizeX and Y, and FullscreenMode.

Is there a console command to change the bools TRUE/FALSE setting, i.e. “bUseVSync” or “bUseDesktopResolutionForFullscreen”?

I’m far from being a programmer but if I have to, how could I expose these variable to blueprints so I can change them using Visual Studio if there isn’t a console command available.

I tried r.VSync but I don’t believe it updates the “bUseVSync” line in the ini files. I would like to expose these variables so I can give the player the ability to change these options.













Thank you for your help.

As soon as I get this working I will be making a tutorial on how to incorporate a settings option using UMG.

You can do that from C++, ini section name hint you which class to search for:

And you can access instance of that class via GEngine->GameUserSettings

This class is not exposed to blueprint so you can communicate with it from itdirecly, but i think you could call console commands via blueprint to do some graphical settings, but C++ would be the smoothest solution, atleast you could expose those settings to blueprint with your own functions which you could use in UMG.

Thanks Shadowriver, now to make my own functions. Lets see how that goes. :slight_smile: