Burst Fire Chicken Gun

Hi everyone,

During one of the Epic Fridays I decided to play around a bit with weapon firing mechanics. The below video is what I ended up coming up with. Credit for the Mesh is to Alexander Paschall, the particle system was designed by Eric Ketchum, and the sound effects are of course from Tappy Chicken:

ha, that was eggcelent:)

sorry, couldn’t resist;)

+1 for the gun. Can you please eggsplain how you made it! :smiley:

These puns are a bit eggscrutiating…

EGGS! that is all

Stop egging eachother on

But this is so eggciting!

Eggsactly what i wanted to see from an Epic guy :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread is okay as long as we avoid any fowl language. I’ll chicken periodically to make sure that nobody’s violating the rules.

Slow Clap

For those of you interested in how to make a burst fire avian projectile device, I offer you the solution to your woes below! Note: Burst and burst reset are timers set to .1 and .75 (respectively) and Cannot Chicken is used to prevent rapid fire on a single shot (if you press/release you can fire one chicken at a time).


Haha brilliant! How about an “Epic Fridays” topic on the forums?! Would love to see what you guys at up to!

I am eggstroardinarily sorry for starting that one:p

question, I was thinking of making a gun that had 3 fire modes (single shot/burst/full auto), would I be able to use a slightly modified version of your BP to do that?

@Tom Looman +1 for seeing more of what the epic devs are doing.

You should definitely be able to do so. use a series of branches to test which setting the gun is on (i’m assuming you will have some switch to determine what setting the gun is in), then you can use this for burst fire, full auto all you need is the gate and something driving how rapidly to fire, and for single shot you can ignore the gate and the do n and simply make it manual input.

thanks for the answer, sounds like it could be just what I’m looking for.

I can’t eggspress my feelings here too much, but I like it.