Burnt in shot-names of subsequences & nested sequences


As you can see in my previous posts, I’m struggling with burnt-in info.

let me rewrite what I’m doing:

As a filmmaker, I’m creating an animatic, a storyboard with moving images. That way I can do research on my camera movements, focal lengths, think about tempo, and so on.
So I’m working a lot with the sequencer.

Now I need to go with this animatic to other colleagues (DOP, actors) and discuss with them several possibilities.
I’ve found already several burn-in options. Which will be very helpful.

The problem now is, I created a “master sequence”, in that sequence I made 18 scenes. These scenes are all sequences.
“Inside” these scene sequences, I made several shots, these are again sequences. Sometimes 40 shots for a scene. So each scene consists of several other shot sequences.

When rendering out the “master sequence”, and using the burnt info like {ShotName}, I’m getting burnt info like “scene 1” or “scene 2”; while I’m also interested in the shotname info underneath, of the sequences inside my scene sequence.

So,… is there any way to also burn in the info of subsequences?

Thank you,

Unfortunately the {ShotName} only works 1 level down from the master. So, as I understand it, your structure is:

MasterSequence scene1

If you open scene1 (and not open master Sequence and dive into scene 1) it should work. You should get shotA, shotB, shotC in the burnins.