Burgos Games is Looking for a Generalist Programmer (BP/C++) - Remote

Burgos Games LLC is looking for a hard-working, self-driven developer for remote work.

You will be working on a 2D/3D Puzzle-Platformer called Neko Ghost, Jump!

We’ve been working on the game since May 2019. The release is set for 2021. Launching on PC (Win/Linux), Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

The current size of the team is 9 members. Everyone is on a royalty-based contract. Great for portfolios (especially with the console releases) and earning money upon release.

We’ve gone to DreamHack Atlanta 2019, DreamHack Anaheim 2020, PAX South 2020, and PAX East 2020 and participated in the Steam Summer Game Festival.

We’ve won a few awards for the game, including Best Platformer in 2019 (Unreal Florida), Top 100 Indie Games in 2019 (IndieDB), and Best Casual Game in 2020 (DH Anaheim). We just need another hand to get us to the finish line.

You should PM me here on the forums, on Discord as VictorBurgos#0001 or through email: [EMAIL=“”] ***with the appropriate subject line ([Position] - Years of experience) along with your portfolio link in the message itself.

Looking to fill this immediately!***

Generalist Programmer

You will be working under the Lead Programmer with an established code style guide that you will have to adhere to.

Minimum Qualification Skills:

  • 1+ year experience in Unreal Engine 4
  • You have an understanding of OOP
  • Excellent 3D math skills
  • Ability to create both simple and complex gameplay systems as needed in Blueprints or C++
  • Ability to debug and fix performance and logic issues in Blueprints or C++
  • Ability to follow a style for cohesive coding standards
  • Ability to meet daily for 10-15minutes
  • Ability to accept feedback and revise implementations as necessary

Nice To Have:

  • You have experience working with a team, especially remotely
  • You’ve worked in an Agile/Scrum environment before (or at least know of it)
  • You’ve used source control before (especially Perforce)
  • You’ve developed plugins
  • You’ve worked with and comfortable in UE4 source code
  • You’ve worked in UMG