Bureaucratic Runaround

Less an issue with the program itself than with the support surrounding it. However, this seemed to be the only place to address the concern.

Which really is the concern. After downloading 4.24.1 yesterday, the launcher and engine have both become non-functional for me, including an inability to sign in to submit a bug report on the work computer. After submitting a request for technical assistance via a different computer, I was told that I should go to engine support, not account support. However, the link provided did not provide any means of contacting engine support, and in fact eventually led me back to the avenue I had used previously and been told was inappropriate.

I suspect that if a contact method does exist, that it is currently locked behind the “download” button on the engine page. Which puts me in a bind, since as I mentioned the computer that has the engine, and can actually support it, is not allowing me even to sign in.

The submissions for engine technical support should not be so difficult to find, and really should be accessible from the account even without UE4 being present on the machine. I did not want to have to go to the forums with this problem, but more appropriate channels appear to be lacking.

Any advice on repairing the launcher and/or engine are appreciated. Directions on proper channels of communication that will actually work are greatly appreciated. More details on the nature and context of the problem can be provided at request.

Thank you,

Interesting backtrace of inability to get support for activating the correct functionality of engine problem. I’d suggest uninstalling 4.24.1, deleting all folders associated with Epic and Unreal Engine, restarting computer, and installing 4.23.1. See if it works. It might help to identify the problem as an engine version incompatibility or other version issue, then determine if 4.23.1 is working, how best to communicate the issue with 4.24.1 to support. Is the engine not functioning by loading from the launcher or the separate .exe clickable file/icon? I had issues launching the engine from the launcher when I first downloaded 4.22. Is there a log of it at all? If not, what, more precisely, is occurring?

Thank you for your reply. Thankfully, nothing so drastic was required.

It turned out to be two separate external problems, which just so happened to both occur after I downloaded 4.24. A tip for any hobbyists out there: if your machine has a “Killer”-brand wireless network adapter, open up the associated control center and make sure “stream detection” is disabled. It does weird things to (I think) online security verification, which causes a lot of online services (and services that require internet connection) to break, seemingly for no reason. The other problem was a missing Visual Studio component, which following the error message and a bit of google searching was easy to resolve.

Why these errors popped up when they did I have no idea. There might still be an association, but it seems to have been operating system error rather than Unreal’s.

Epic’s launcher support team were helpful in resolving the issue, if only by suggesting solutions that eventually made it obvious that the problem was coming from a third-party source.

I’m glad to be back online. I really was looking forward to working with the engine.

Take care,

Cool. External problems can be the kicker, and go unnoticed for quite a while.