Bunny hopping , air strafe? in blueprints

how can i make this movement with more air controll that the player really goes to where he looks, a lot like csgo strafing almost :stuck_out_tongue:

i want to be able to pick up speed as i strafe jump i have tried my own way for some time now but cant figure it out :confused:
help please?

I was more concerned with stopping it. In my project I had air control on the player to like .85 and multi jump of 3. When on a server if doesnโ€™t always detect the has landed and allowed you to jump without losing momentum. My jump was adding a launch in my player controllers forward vector of 1.2 speed.

Keep in mind calling launch you need to manually replicate this itโ€™s not automatically replicated like jump.

this did not really explain anything :stuck_out_tongue: like csgo bunny hopping is what i want :3

Solved! got my hands on the classic fps movement that was super old and converted it into 4.15.1 ^^ bhops are not perfect but i guess i can play around with it until everything is perfect

psโ€ฆ intressted? pm me! ^^