Bunker 49

The Game Synopsis
The player will try to escape a Nazi WWII bunker, while fighting to survive against a horrifying creature with an unquenchable thirst for blood and death. All the while, there will be ‘Intel’ placed through out the game, varying in importance that the player can gather.

In 1940, during World War II, Bunker 49 was constructed by the Nazis to create super soldier using experiments concerning the brain on patients. However, one day the bunker mysteriously shut down and was never again used for anything. The current year is 1956. The United States Military was tipped off about the possible location of a secret Nazi bunker that may or may not be currently in use. The Military sends a group of soldiers, but only two return. The two live, but are too traumatized to respond to any stimuli, including shock treatment. A scientist named Harry Waymire is sent to retrieve any and all ‘Intel’ that he can. This is where the story of Bunker 49 begins.

Planned Features that are Especially Exciting
A fully note based ending system; to explain further, there will be three notes, corresponding to five different endings. If all notes are collected, the special ending will be unlocked, but if none are found, another special ending will be unlocked.
A new physics armature system; meaning that if you wanted, you could dismember a body lying on the ground.
Immersive and interesting story.
Players will have a weapon, but it is only intended to be used in extreme cases (if the player gets trapped and must escape a corner or a similar situation)
Possibly a multiplayer mode (an idea, not decided yet)
Impressive graphics thanks to the beautiful Unreal Engine 4
Possibly more to come…

The game has been planned thoroughly but is just recently started development.

Workers are still needed to help with development. There will be a posting on the ‘Got Skills? Looking for Talent?’ forum section. However, you can contact me at my email, We still need 3d modelers, texture and material artists, programmers, and level editors.
Currently a demo is being developed to give the public a look at what the game will look like.
Unfortunately there are no screenshots or video yet, due to the fact that development has just started.
Any and all help and support would be greatly appreciated.
New info is to come so keep an eye open.