bumps on flat surfaces

I take photos with a Phantom 4 pro. Plenty of overlap. 74 photographs to create the attached at 70 feet above the ground 40 degree angle looking downward. See the attached image. The walls have bumps. is there a way to fix this?

Hi Eric.

Can you show your camera placements?

See the attached image showing the location of camera positions.

Can you show your alignment settings, component alignment report, and one of images from this flat wall (you can crop to small piece, i want check is is completely flat or have some low but still visible textures.)

that looks pretty normal.

you can either simplify it a lot.

fix it in something like zbrush.

add more photos closer to subject. or use higher res camera.

add laser scans.

Hi Eric
Please add some NADIR images + make another images of the sides ( say 150 of them ) rotated by 35 degrees to get better global OVERLAP and a much cleaner model. RC is great as it can reconstruct a lot of images very efficiently, so no worries even if you have 300-500 images…

Next step I will take photos at 40 feet at a 20 degree down angle, ortho photos with 80% overlap, and combine them with my 70’ and 40 degree down angle. I will need a few days, but I will display the results.