Bumping Pub Environment Set

Hi all,

Bumping Workshop’s first environment set Bumping Pub has now been released on Unreal Marketplace!

Bumping Pub is a scene inspired by Elder Scrolls, which contains 40+ useful assets of AAA quality. Being Bumping Workshop’s first product on the Unreal Marketplace, this environment set, which took 100+ man-days to build, is available for mere $4.99.

Word is pale when it comes to art. See for yourself!

Please note that this pack contains only the interior and all assets were designed specifically for this scene. Some assets (like beams) may not as you imagined in other scenes.

If there’s any problem, suggestion or inquiry regarding this pack or us or perhaps even what you want for our next product on Unreal Marketplace, feel free to contact me at could also leave your comments here and I’ll check from time to time, but email is always more efficient.) BTW, as a professional art outsourcing studio, we certainly welcome any business approach:-)

PS: please note that we used Epic’s VFX (mainly fire), which we are not allowed to put into our package. So the scene would look different from the video. We kept all the lights though, so the difference wouldn’t be so distinct.

Been waiting for this one Vito, it looks awesome and is perfect for my projects. Such a steal too :slight_smile:

From what I saw in another thread the download issue should be fixed by tomorrow (Thursday).

ah good, it’s not just me unable to download!

This looks great, and well its $5… But i have been having the Syncing problem.

The download\syncing issue is now fixed. If anyone is still seeing issues with this, please mail Thanks, and apologies for the inconvenience.

Hey! Any word on the update that was pushed to your content pack? I have actually had a few issues with it and I’m hoping that this new update fixed some of them and/or cleaned up the pack a bit (which was a tad messy).

Dude… The update you pushed was… one candle? Might wanna re-try the update process. Hey Epic, mind looking into this? The pack has been reduced to 1.6 MB, and contains only a candlelight particle effect now.

Seriously, how is it possible that this mess got through QA or whatever it is?

Settle down, these things happen, give them a little bit of time to fix it up. Human error happens to the best of us, they probably forgot to carry the decimal somewhere. It might have looked fine from their end.

I have this, and it is grate, I recommend it as a must have for every one.

OMG my gosh this is so funny :smiley: i almost clicked on update!
Yea how does this get threw the QA :smiley: set humor level 95?

What happens? Zero feedback from the author? A complete pub scene turning into a 5$ candlelight? Never seen anything like that happen, sorry.

Issue was fixed, thanks Epic for getting in touch with me and fixing the issue ASAP.

Thanks for the fix, Epic/vito!!

Is there anywhere else I can purchase this? … Can’t buy from Unreal with PayPal as they force you to have an attached credit/debit card. Which I don’t.

Would be really nice to get an exterior update. However, still very impressive modelling results for a decent price.

You may be able to build an exterior using some of the interior pieces.

Also thank you @BumpingWorkshop for the update which seems to have increased performance in the level massively.

From looking at the picture, is this a ortho view or is it a pack for first/third person views?

@SaviorNT - The pack is for first/third person - the assets are quite high quality with a nice realistic PBR style :slight_smile:

ok, thanks