Bump Mapped in MAya no result in unreal

I bump mapped a picture in maya and sent it to unreal… My bump didn’t convert or carry over at all

You need to use normal maps, not bump maps

Are you Saying that it wont work in that way and only bump map in unreal?

Games don’t use bump maps, normal maps take less processing time since it doesn’t have to calculate the depth of the bump map, if you want to get a similar effect like a bump map you will have to use normal maps instead of bump maps.


Without getting into too much detail bump maps are a pre-rendered scenes like you’ll find in film production. Normal maps are used for the same general purpose in real time.

You may need to find some tutorials on game modeling and material setup if these terms are unfamiliar.

Thank you. To clear this up for future users. By using bump maya in unreal or displacement or any other wouldn’t work by transferring your finished product In Maya to Unreal Engine. But you may black and white the photo and do what ever you need in photoshop and etc. Then transfer to unreal engine.

What sucks is when i go to the material tutorial it explains but the pictures are to small.

A normal map isn’t black and white like a bump or displacement map. Displacement can still be done in Unreal, but you’ll need to look into dynamic tesselation as well.

Normal maps are RGB maps with the colors corresponding to vector offsets of the texel normal. They need to be computed by a piece of rendering software. This is often called “Baking” the normal map. There are dedicated solutions for this, however if you wish to preserve your displacement and bump information from Maya or another DCC app you may wish to bake it within that app itself.

This link may be of use for learning about real time materials: GameTextures.com | The Largest Substance Library

This link may aid in understanding normal maps: http://www.chrisalbeluhn.com/Normal_Map_Tutorial.html