Bullets spawn location when shooting an automatic weapon UE5

I am running to this issue where I am spawning projectiles from the skeleton mesh socket muzzle, I am making my weapon automatic so when I hold the right click it should keep shooting, the problem is that in the first 2 spawned bullets, they spawn from the muzzle, but the next bullets start spawning from a different location, I had tried to use an arrow component or a sphere component but got the same result, I use a print string before and yeah the start coordinates from spawning are different. Here are some screenshots


Solved!! the problem was how I set up the character rotation with the mouse, since it is a topdown I wanted to rotate the player in its place, so what I did was set “Use Controller Rotation Yaw " to false which you can find in self in the details panel, set to false " Orient Rotation to Movement” in the character movement component, and setting to false all the camera setting from the spring arm component.
Here is a link to the video that helped me