Bullet wont move!

How about the velocity vector? Is it (0,0,0) or (1,0,0)?

Hello! so i was following a tutorial but only difference is my gun is attached to my character, so the nodes i added for the bullet fire is on the same graph as my character, not to sure if that matters or not cause there tutorial haves there BP on there rifle, So i have a special bullet made, and added the ProjectileMovement, changed the initial speed over 9000 same for max speed, made the projectile gravity scale to 0,made sure the mobility of the static mesh was movable. My character can shoot the bullet, BUT it just stays there! wont move forward??? not to sure where i messed up at?

in the tutorial they did not add that, i am still fairly new to blueprints

When you say it stays there, do you mean it just exists in mid air? can you run into it and push it? does it block movement through it and seem locked to its location?

Also make sure that auto-activate is checked:


Yes its stays there in mid air when ever i press fire, does not move and its solid like i can stand on it and jump on it.

Make sure that the velocity vector of the projectile movement component is not (0,0,0):


So I can’t quiet replicate the un-pushable aspect, but can you grab an image of your projectile component window, and check the physics of any collision/static mesh stuff you have in the hierarchy. If Simulate Physics is enabled with gravity off then the projectile will just sit there, regardless of initial velocity or speed.

i did turn on Simulate physics and now the bullet just spawns in front of my character then drops and i can push those around a little bit by running in to them, small progress!.

Okay, fairly confident the issue is in the capsule collision or the static mesh then. Are both the capsule and the staticmesh set to movable? I can replicate your stuck* bullet issue if I change either to static, or stationary, but it does spit out errors in the message log:

So you actually want the physics off. but whats the component hierarchy look like? this portion:


Your settings for the projectile movement look fine, so the problems elsewhere I think.


the errors i do have is from my aimoff set issue i had cause he was jumping and when he jumped he ran but its fixed NOW but left my code unconnect in a different area cause did not know how to fix it.

so its official your amazing! thanks for the help means alot! i made a new blueprint and it worked i assume the other blue print got corrupted some how?

No worries, glad we were able to figure it out! Its possible it got corrupted. its happened to me once or twice, and it can be frustrating when it happens.

I don’t see any settings issues… but the orientation of your capsule collision confuses me, its pointing in the x-axis direction, and since its the scene root, I don’t see, and I can’t replicate, a way to match that orientation. I’m wondering if there is something just wonky with the blueprint actor itself.

I would recommend as a test create a new actor BP, add just a static mesh (it can be your arrowhead one) and the projectile movement component. change the projectile speed and max velocity to 3000 as seen here, and then drag a copy into the world and simulate it. it should just fly off by default.


My test example with just a cube as the static mesh: