Bullet set to overlap pawn but block instead

Hey everyone,

I’ve got this problem that seems so simple that I just can’t get over with. I have a bullet Blueprint that have a custom object channel of Projectile Type. This blueprint is set to overlap with any pawn.
Then I’ve got some pawns (the character + one enemy), that are set to overlap with the Projectile type. But it just doesn’t work. The bullet stay stuck on both and stop moving instead of going through.
I don’t care about the enemy pawn, because I destroy the bullet with the Begin Overlap Event. But in my understanding, even without any event or anything, if two objects are set to overlap, they shouldn’t block?
I want the bullet that the Player shot to just go right through him.

Correct me if I’m wrong, seems like I don’t have the right answer.

Check that other components on your characters are also set to “pawn” and that they ignore “projectile”. (If they have any collision)

If you are trying to have bullets not hit the thing that spawned them then:
On the spawning node (of the Projectile) connect the pawn that is shooting the Projectile to the “Instigator” pin.
Then Inside the Projectile’s construction script Get “Instigator” and use the node “IgnoreActorWhenMoving” with the Projectile’s components that have collision.

You might also have to set any collision enabled components on the pawn to ignore the projectile as well.

Working ! Still everything on both my bullet and my character were set to overlap, but that did it thanks to you

Glad to have helped.