Bullet reverse

Hello everyone, I am new to the forums here. I have a problem I can’t figure out. I followed a youtube video on how to reverse time on an object and it works, but my problem is with the bullet projectiles. After I release the reverse button, they speed off in a different direction than what they were shot in. Every time I reverse them they keep shooting further and further down as if affected by gravity which I have turned off on them.

Okay i figured out one of my problems. I had projectile gravity set to 1. I set it to 0 and now it works great. But if I want to implement bullet drop, I am not sure how to do that.

I have made it to where I stop gravity when I rewind and then resume and it drops almost immediately even when applying a force.

Update, I couldn’t figure out how to reimplement initial speed and gravity, so I made it to where once it has been rewound the actor spawns new one at location and destroys old one.