Bullet Hell

Hey guys. I have recently been working on a game which shares many similarities with bullet hell games. I’ve gotten the difficulty mostly adjusted correctly for the feel i want but I am currently stumped on how to build a tutorial.

So how do you structure a tutorial for a bullet hell game?

I don’t know where to put this so I just asked it here.

Personally, I have no idea what you are asking. Can you provide a better description of what you are asking?

Can’t tell from what you wrote whether you are making a wiki tutorial or an in game tutorial, or are looking for a tutorial to help you.

I am trying to create an ingame tutorial.

It really depends on how complex your game is.

Depending on your specific implementation, it can vary from “display button layout in the loading screen” to something that actually requires effort.
Whatever you do, I suggest a silent tutorial: Feed the player enemies that don’t shoot, then let one of those first few enemies drop an upgrade (if that’s a feature you have), then create a situation where the player has to go through a tight passage so that they learn what the hitbox of their vehicle is.
Hitboxes in Danmaku can be quite unintuitive. If yours is much larger or smaller than the player model, you definitely need to teach players early how big the hitbox is.

Remember, the best tutorials do not look like tutorials and have no on-screen prompts. They just throw you into the game and make it so that you learn everything just by paying attention to the first part of the game.

Mainee’s are an option. Also, you can make a bp actor that is placed in a level that starts a sequence of events on it’s BeginPlay. it can call functions on the HUD that highlight, or make visible different things.

If something is very complex, making it simpler design wise is probably a better solution.