Bullet flyby sound effect

how do you build a flyby effect for bullets, rockets, etc? i tried adding a sound to the projectile, and giving the sound a delay and attenuation. so the sound wont start until 0.5 seconds into being fired, and then it can only be heard at where it is at. but this is not so flexible in case the projectile flies past the player before the sound plays. i also tried adding box components to the player, so that when the projectile hits the box component near him, the sound plays. but then the box component stops the projectile. :confused:

Create a cue of flybysound some “pssssschhhht or swooooosh”, then loop it in the cue.
In your blueprint add audio component, uncheck active.
Create an event where you drag your audiocompo into nodespace(eventgraph) in BP / get - play audio.
Try your attenuation on a static object first.

oh yeah it worked! but how to get it to stop looping?

When you use it on a projectile and actor gets destroyed, sound stops.


oh nevermind it was my bullet that hadnt destroyed itself yet. it bounced and flew up in the air thats why it kept looping, and i hadnt set attenuation. ^^

how would u do supersonic cracks? when the bullet breaks the sound barrier and makes this “crack” sound. i tried adding it to the mix but it doesnt blend well at all.

here is my result so far. the flybys turned out okay! havent tweaked them and havent added impact sounds on a lot of materials so they can sound a bit choppy. but i got what i look for :slight_smile: but the supersonic cracks i think should be done differently.

Based on velocity.
Get bullet velocity setup a branch with a float <=(crackspeed) then start an event.
But that is only working, when velocity gain is >0.
You could easy setup a timeline and trigger an event with that, after a given time.
Look into particles, or use basic rippleparticle for setup.
Your sounds, sound not positional, or are they?
Try using a mono-singlechannel audio file(create one) for flyby cue and test with that.
Edit - Here an example for flyby, or are you talking about the bounce/ricochet

i supposed that the crack would sound off when i shoot the bullet then? because the bullet starts at the speed of sound and then decreases over time, not the other way around. timeline sounds good tho, didnt know there was something like that in unreal. gonna look into it

ripple particle? not sure what u mean. in the cascade?

no not ricochet i mean the flyby. i think they sound okay in my earphones. they fly from left to right according to where i position myself in the game. the supersonic cracks tho are all over the place. i dont know why, i think i put the cracks on mono. O_o will look into it.