Bullet collison

Hi everyone. I was setting up a bullet when i noticed that it doesn’t hit other players but it goes through them without dealing any damage. How can I fix that? Here’s the images Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Thank you in advance.

Hi David,

I’m no expert but you might want to go with something like this. You can play around with the setting so the bullets will behave in a desired way. I always take a look at something that already exists inside one of the templates, this one comes from first person template.

I tried playing with those settings but it’s always the same. I enabled the line trace and it goes through players too

That’s so weird. Can I see collision for the target you’re attacking? The above setting works for me, when I switch collision to your setting it does fly through the enemy target.

If you like we can link on discord. I could show you my entire setup for character and ai I’m attacking, including dealing damage.

Here are some screenshots of the pawn and the bullet collisions. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
It’s really weird, the player’s a pawn and the bullet should block pawn’s collisions

I’m in a loss here. I’d say try creating a new actor of character class and see if the same thing is going to happen.

ok so now the bullet has its collision working properly but the line trace still ignores the player

I got it, I was using a “line trace by channel”. Now I’m using “line trace for object” and it works. The only thing left to do is the bullet (actor) and damage (which works only when the server is shooting) replication