Bullet collision physics


I ve created some bullet Actor with a simple cylinder, and a cylinder mesh collision.
I used projectile movement, to give a speed of 4000.

When it hits a pawn, I can handle the hit event on my pawn to display an explosion, and manage damage.
But when it hits the pawn, the pawn received a very important physic impulsion (torque and force) even if bullet actor has no physic activated, and even the mass in kg is very little.
I want that bullet gives no impulsion to my pawn…

What have I missed?


I added printscreen of my bullet actor composed by 1 static mesh, 1 collid cylinder, and a projectile movement.

I attached picture of configuration… help will be great
Thank you

Ok, my solution is to not use blockcollision, but use only overlap.

finally, in blueprint, I catch overlap event, and destroy actor at this moment.

Overlap didn’t generate any physics… and it is what I want.