Bulk replace references / duplicate cleanup question

Hey everyone, I am looking for advice for an issue I’ve been having with the Paragon content recently generously released by Epic.

The content comes in numerous separate marketplace items, which is pretty nice if you only need a single character or are downloading in parts. However, a side effect of that is that all the individual downloads are placed in separate subfolders. That means each subfolder contains copies of the files shared by all the characters (everything in Content/PackName/Characters/Global), so if you add more than one character to a project, you have duplicate assets.

That isn’t nice for a multitude of reasons, mainly organization and project size.

Ideally it would be great to be able to move them all to the Content root (essentially to remap all Content/ParagonCharacterName folders to Content/). In that case, there is a single Content/Characters/Heroes folder that contains all the individual characters, and a Content/Characters/Global folder that contains the shared assets.

However, it is near impossible because of all the references tied to each copy of those common assets. The only viable way I see is to manually delete all extra copies of every shared asset, and select “replace references” pointing to the single copy you want to keep. The replace references process then takes half an hour. For several hundred assets, that is impossible.

Is there some way I might be overlooking to streamline this process and be able to organize things to not have duplicates? Thanks! :slight_smile:

did you solve this?

Maybe someone out there with more scripting knowledge could offer some insight into achieving this?

It seems like it should be possible with a blueprint editor utility but I don’t know enough about them to create one myself.

Hoping that by replying to this topic someone with more knowledge might see it and be able to help?