Bulk load cancellation isnot working


I just organized some of my assets in my content browser structure.
I got a warning when I was about to move 250+ assets. I clicked on “cancel”, but the data was loaded anyway, completely freezing up the editor.:frowning:
Cancel should mean cancel as in “dont do it”… :rolleyes:


Hey KVogler,

Thank you for reporting this issue. In the future, if you have any bugs or crashes to report please create a new AnswerHub post. This allows others to find a fix easily if they are experiencing the same or similar issue. This also allows us to track issues with a bit more ease and organization. I attempted to reproduce what you are reporting and was able to confirm the outcome. I attempted to move the ‘KiteDemo’ content within the ‘Content Browser’ to a different folder. Instead of confirming, I clicked “no” and the assets proceeded to load. I can only assume this was similar to what you tried to do, especially since the ‘KiteDemo’ content was exactly 251 assets ;). I will create a bug report for this and again, we appreciate you taking the time to report the issue!

Which is EXACTLY what I tried as well :smiley:

Shall I still post onAnswerHub?

Hi KVogler,

A post on the answerhub for this one will be unnecessary. In the future, however, please note that it is much easier for us to find and address bugs on the answerhub, specifically in the bug reports section where we focus a lot of our attention. Thank you!