Bulk Change Pivot

Imagine I have a model in Revit with 1,000 cubes spread through the space. I bring it into 3DS Max then export as FBX to UE4. Of course, every cube in UE4 now has a 0,0,0 pivot but is offset to their various positions. Is there a way to bulk change the pivot for each of these cubes to center on where the static mesh is actually located?

In my model, most of the meshes are duplicated hundreds of times. If I am able to replace each duplicate static mesh with one individual static mesh, I will have a much easier time managing my assets. The issue is that replacing the static meshes changes the offset to something incorrect.

Or am I going to have to go back into 3DS Max to bulk export with a script?

There was a hint at a changelist for a recent update featuring many-object .FBX import with the ability to set object pivot at the gizmo point from the max/maya file, but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere, and the only relevant results from a quick google search come up empty…
So I’m not sure whats going on there, sorry.