Bulding Something

Hello Community.

I am an experienced software engineer especialized in software analysis and project management with more than 8 years of experience and a bachellor in game development.

Currently I am looking forward to stablish a serious team to build something cool and make a living out of it.

Keep in mind that the team will be involved in everything related to the game, because the game is ours, total transparency is a keystone.

That being said, I am looking for people that have the attitude, I want people motivated, focused and willing to make this happen.

If you are one of those, you can join me in the discord channel:

Hey, When do we start

My skills: 3D Modelling, Rigging, Retarget, Material and PBR Texturing, Basic knowlegde about animations and animation blueprints
Currently learning about Widget Blueprints

Hi Lethiur,

Hope you are doing well,

I would love to work with you. Please check you message.

Awaiting for you reply.


Hello @Lethiur, I’ve develop runtime Network Replicated Construction/Assembly Systems with UE4 Blueprints. What type of game do you have in mind?

Hello @TechLord I have not decided it yet because I am still building a Team. Also, I have not any favorites so, my thinking is to make a game that the entire team will be happy to do.

Well in that case, I’ll be the first to cast a vote towards developing: A First/3rd Person Multi-player Alien Invasion Open World Survival Terror (Pre-Apocalypse)!

Great, sounds like a plan!! You can join me here: yo discuss the game design document and everything.