Built UE4Editor from github, failure compiling WorldGridMaterial.WorldGridMaterial


By following the README.md, I managed to compile UE4Editor from github using the master branch.
The compile succeed but whenever I try to run UE4Editor, I get this error:

[Line: 1210] Failed to compile default material /Engine/EngineMaterials/WorldGridMaterial.WorldGridMaterial!

I debugged UE4Editor in VS2013 and attached the log output.

Is there an environment variable I need to set?
There doesn’t appear to be a /Engine/EngineMaterials path inside Content. Where is the WorldGridMaterial material located?
There is a \Engine\Content\EngineMaterials\WorldGridMaterial.uasset but how does the ShaderCompiler reference it?

Thank you

Hey bensch128-

The master branch on GitHub is constantly being updated and has very little testing done on it. For this reason it is not recommended for development. Let us know if you have the same problem trying to run UE4 after downloading/compiling the release branch or 4.9 branch.


So you guys don’t do any kind of continuous integration? I’m surprised.

Oh well, I’ll try the release branch.

Hi ,
I got release to build.
I had to follow this answer to get it to build but it did eventually build. Thanks!