Built-In Version Control?

As a solo game dev, a simple log retaining undo history plus the following would be super convenient:
[li]‘Submit’ (to label a ‘save point’ for changes since the last ‘Submit’) -[/li][li]‘Restore’ (loads from the selected ‘Submit’ [save point] to revert project to the saved state)[/li][LIST]
[li]Automatically (by default) starts a new main branch from restore point[/li][/ul]
[li]‘Delete Branch’ to clear away selected ‘dead’ project branches[/li][ul]
[li](left behind in the unwanted changes you got rid of by ‘Restoring’ to earlier ‘Submit’ states)[/li][/ul]
…Because Unity3D bought Codice, and Codice’s PlasticSCM version control system was the easiest to use that I’d found. The announced price changes (from about $10 to about $24/month) make it a worse value proposition than the free version of Perforce, so I switched, but… It’s still such a (relative) pain to use :frowning: