Built-in support for Generic USB Game Controllers?

I have some Generic USB Game Controllers that are detected by Windows 10 Pro and they show up as game controllers in the gamepad setup and they work for game emulation no problems, but I haven’t been able to get them working with Unreal Engine using the bindings.

Is there a built-in method for getting Generic USB Game Controllers to work with Unreal Engine?

If there is or isn’t, what steps would need to be taken to get them to work with Unreal Engine?


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In Windows only XInput contropllers are supported in UE4, but generic USB controllers should work on other platfroms (Linux and OS X). There ways to make generic USB controller to have Xinput dirver and considering lot of games have Xinput only support user should be ready for this so it should not be big issue.

I find this thru:

Activate the plugin WINDOWS RAWINPUT in unreal plugin section, after this the GenericUSBController will appear in game input select list.



it works just as u said, however its quite confusing for anyone to setup it , it took me very long time to figure out which correct configuration for my controller .

But yeah, your solution saved me, thanks