Built-in mesh editor


Just curious about an idea about built-in mesh editor for Unreal Engine 4. None of known engines have that feature, I know that 3d artists divided in many many camps, some use max, some use maya, some use zbrush. What if to try make built-in 3d mesh editor, with material editor, UV editor and some sort of modifiers, that would solve question for exporting problems and other things. Offcourse it is not one day deal, but lets imagine if UE4 could offer such great tool, like you do brushes and paint directly in editor, you would be able to make at least static meshes inside of UE4, is that quite difficult task, what you think?

That’s why they have the BSP brushes.

But otherwise they stated during the beta that it would sway away from what the Unreal Engine is. It’s a platform in which you make games, it’s not a tool to make your assets.