Built-in 360 deg. stereo panorama screenshot and video recording

Now that VR era has started, people are going to want to see gameplay in 360 deg. video and 360 deg. stereo panoramic screenshots.

Epic, could you please add such functionality to UE4 ? For example, VRShot and VRHighResShot cmds to generate stereo VR panoramic screenshots.

There is fork of Quake engine, FTE QW, that does that. I generated such screenshots: StereoVR - Google Drive In addition, two new cmds would be needed, one for stereo separation (or IPD) and one for convergence distance. I firmly believe that this feature could be added to 4.11 as it only took a few days of work to add it to FTE engine (granted, it could be more optimized).

Stereo VR video recording could be done by advancing demo 1 frame during playback, generating stereo VR shot, advancing another frame, another VR shot, etc. Once the sequence is generated, it can be composed in any suitable app. Sound track should be also generated by the engine (doesn’t have to be spatialized audio at this time).

Is it something you guys can implement for 4.12 ?

There’s already this functionality in 4.11, you just need to enable it from the plugins menu. Under “Movie capture”, activate the Stereo Panoramic Movie Capture. You can find instructions in this thread:!&highlight=stereo+panoramic