Built android game crashes after the UE logo

Hi guys,

This has been driving me insane, but i am unable to make my game work for android.

For reference the device is a Samsung s9+.

The game builds fine with no error, gets pushed via adb succesfully (also tried manual install) but simply crashes when I launch it.

I followed the unreal guide to pushing games to android, I tried both armv7 and arm64 apks, both fail. Mobile HDR is turned off. The game builds correctly and runs on Windows 10.

I have added a logcat of the crash.

I hope someone can help.

Have you try to execute your phone over android studio?

How to do it?

  1. Build your game with arm64 or v7, but dont make them once. Just choose one.
  2. Open android studio -> open project
  3. Go to Project/Intermediate/Android/APK/Gradle
  4. Let android studio compiles your gradle.
  5. You will see your phone above, just press play button and see the logs there.
  6. Post here.

Thanks, but I figured the reason.